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Hi, so I love YA and Jane Austen. I have a Kobo and its name is James. I'm from Brazil and I really don't know what else to say.

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Cross My Heart - Katie Klein I haven't made a review in ages, let's see if I still know how. I think I must start this review by saying that I have a thing for bad boys. Leather jackets, motorcycles and all that. Cliche, I know, but what can one do? I don't believe I'll ever see one for real, ( Leather Jackets in my weather? I don't think so) so let me read about them, and dream for a while. I also really like stories where the characters start not liking each other, and we can see them slowly changing their minds and falling in love ( No wonders my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice). This book had the very best of both. The first time I read it, I loved it so, so much. And I decided to read it again a few days ago, to see if I had changed my mind, nope. Still love it. The story is about Jaden, one of those girls that want to be perfect, the teachers' pet, the straight A student. She wants to go to Harvard really bad, not getting in is unthinkable. Her two older brothers didn't go to college, instead going to work with her dad, so everyone expects her to do better. She has a nice boyfriend, a group of friends. She is comfortable. .And then, she gets paired with Parker in a english project. Parker is the loner of the school, and there are wild rumors about him circulating. It's in their interactions, that we see more of Jaden, what she is besides the girl trying to save the world. And we also get to know Parker, and that's when Jaden, me, and I'll bet most of those who read this book, fall in love with him. We fall for his wits, his smiles, his eyes, the way he can talk about books ( he got me there). There's no pointless angst in Parker, he's not mean, or overprotective, as many of others bad boys apparently need to be. There's also a plot twist I didn't see coming and that explains a lot. The ending is really cute and sweet. If you want a quick, lovely read, give this a shot. It'll surprise you.