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Hi, so I love YA and Jane Austen. I have a Kobo and its name is James. I'm from Brazil and I really don't know what else to say.

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In the Middle of Nowhere - Julie Ann Knudsen I was given this book by one A.R.R on the We Love YA group.I don't know why I asked to read this book. I mean, I should have known. Anyways, I didn't like it. The whole thing could've been good, but it was poorly executed, the story was full of cliches and really predictable. The girl was really immature and her friends manage to be even more so. Her mother was confusing, after all: was she a bad mother, a grieving wife or a mean woman? That was never clear. Oh God, and the love interest… He was the worst of all. Seriously, he didn't know her, and there he was writing poetry and saying he loved her. And of course, he had to be dying. Other wise, she wouldn't fall for him, would she? The book is kinda pointless and the worst part is the fact that they repeated the title of the book all the time. Like, every page you turn there it was: " in the middle of nowhere"Yes, we get it. She lived on an isolated island. Now, move on. If you like silly fanfic this is your book, if you don't, stay away from it. PS: The only good character in this awful book was her baby brother, but Willow was really mean to him for no apparent reason.